What is the difference between Kimisitu sacco and Kimisitu Investment?

Kimisitu is a sacco registered under the Societies Act whereas KICL is a limited company registered under the Companies Act. KICL is an associate of Kimisitu Sacco formed after Kimisitu Sacco AGM resolution of the year 2010. Kimisitu Sacco accepts deposits from members and gives loans to members whereas KICL does real estate business.

What are the roles of Kimisitu Investment Company PLC?

  • To sell land
  • To develop and sale property.
  • To invest in money markets
  • Real Estate

What are the benefits of being a shareholder in Kimisitu Invest CO. LTD?

  • You get subsidized rates on KICL products as compared to other parties
  • As the company grows the shares price also appreciates hence capital gains on shares held.
  • You receive dividends on shares held as and when declared at the AGM
  • You are entitled as a shareholder to transact business related the company at the AGM

Why buy shares with KICL?

KICL is a young and dynamic company which is growing. Therefore you eligible to enjoy dividends from year to year and capital gains as the company grows.

What are the advantages of buying lands with KlCL?

  • KICL land is the most competitive in terms of price.
  • KICL land has ready titles and once one completes paying the transfer is done immediately.
  • The process of transfer of title is done by KICL thus it reliefs the buyer the hassles following up with the title deeds at the lands registry.
  • KICL is a genuine company which does authentic transactions which are done above board.

What are the future plans for Kimisitu Investement CO. LTD?

The future plans for KICL is to diversify its products in order to realize maximum returns so that the stakeholders enjoy value for their money. The company is endeavoring to undertake real estate development, agency business among other initiatives so as to put itself on a strong footing in the industry.

How are the products of Kimisitu Co. Ltd better than other investement companies especially in the real estate and land sector?

The prices of its products are very competitive as compared its competitors.
Unlike its competitors KICL undertakes to offer value and uphold its core values of integrity, passion, professionalism, dynamism, excellent customer focus and freedom. These products are tailored to meet customer demands and even exceed. The products which have so far been offered are clean and members who have completed paying for the plots have the title deeds with them. In addition KICL has committed to provide value additions to its products.

Is KICL planning to move to other countries?

With the promulgation of the new constitution new market frontiers have arisen in the counties. KICL has decided to move with the tide and invest in the counties. This will go a long way in meeting customer needs and at the same time prove valuable to KICL. This year KICL as proposed to have at least one project at the county level.

Can my shares of the sacco be used to buy KICL shares?

The transfer of shares from the Sacco to KICL to purchase shares is not possible. Although there are options such as dividend discounting and applying for loan to purchase shares against ones savings.

Why is the price margins for plots between KICL shareholders and non - shareholders so thin?

The price margins of KICL plots between shareholders and non-shareholders a based upon rational appraisal and in consideration of market rates. In addition, non-shareholders form a significant part of our plot buyers therefore the Company does not want to lock out this particular market segment.

Why are you selling shares to both existing and non-member at the same price?

This same price is a subsidized one which aims at making the offer more attractive to both the existing members and non-members to join KICL.

Why is KICL selling only land instead of diversifying?

KICL selling land is a starting point and bigger things are on the pipeline through its planned diversification.

Are there tailor made products for members investing in KICL with Kimisitu Sacco?

KICL has already one product with Kimisitu Sacco namely Dividend Discounting for members to purchase shares with KICL. Already other tailor made products have been proposed and once unveiled the same will be communicated to members.

Why are your deposits and installment for land so high with short repayment periods?

KICL, unlike others participants in the market who have a strong foothold in the market, is a young growing company with fewer revenue streams to finance its projects. Therefore KICL relies heavily on cash collections from debtors for financing its activities. In addition we are happy to announce that KICL has taken into consideration customer views and this is manifest in the Lukenya Silver Oak where the repayment periods are longer than before.



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