About Us

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Kimisitu Investment PLC was formed with the aim of pursuing prudent and profitable investments in order to increase shareholder value.


A leading investment vehicle for economic better life.


To contribute to sustainable wealth creation for our communities by pooling resources for sound, innovative and market-driven investment products that are professionally managed and offer optimum returns.


Your umbrella in fair weather


  1. To have vibrant shareholders participating actively in the company’s projects and activities.
  2. To grow our share capital to at least Kes. 200 million by 2022.
  3. To efficiently use and grow our assets to at least Kes.450 million by 2022.
  4. To expand and diversify the company’s investments for optimum returns.
  5. To adopt emerging and cost effective technology and continuously enhance the company’s risk management framework.


1. Integrity

The Company shall always conduct its affairs in a manner that is above reproach. We are committed to acting at all times with honesty, fairness, ethically and without discrimination in all our operations. We inspire our clients to trust us by following our commitments. We are clear in our communication with both our clients and employees.


The company strives to carry out all its duties with the highest level of proficiency, teamwork and dedication with a view to exceeding the expectations of our staff, customers and stakeholders. We adhere to good investment and Management practices. We shall portray professionalism when interacting with customers in person, on phone, social media or email.


We are zealous at everything we do. We are committed to meeting our clients’ needs.

4. Freedom

We need freedom to shape our future and wealth to remain free. We are dynamic and embrace innovation and resilience.


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